I offer full mobile service to Butcher Shops. No more hassles of sending out your knives or meat grinding blades. Give me a call for full service at your shop. All Knives are sharpened with a minimum of 5 stages, depending on severity of blade damage. No electric pull through sharpeners are used. All edges are double bevelled for maximum edge life. I repair broken tips and have the ability to rebuild severely "washed out" and worn cutting edges.

                       PRICE LIST

1"       to        3"                                           $3.00
4"       to        6"                                           $4.00
7"       to        9"                                           $5.00
10"     to        12"                                         $6.00
OVER 12"                                            $1.00/inch
Double-edged Knives count as two(2) knives

Meat Saws                                                  $14.00
Meat Slicer Blades(up to 17")     $20 up to $35.00

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